Promoting dog products

We were honoured and proud to see Hawkesbury Bundy and Hawkesbury Cam used by a Pet Food Company to promote their working dog food. Bundy is on the front of the dog food bag, while Cam and Bundy appear on the rear of the bag.

Overseas Dogs

We are proud to say our dogs have been sought by overseas buyers. Hawkesbury Charge was chosen by Mr Kevin Reeves of Lyndhurst Kelpie Stud in Wiltshire UK. Mr Reeves is the UK representative of the Working Kelpie Council of Australia. Charge will look to fulfil Mr Reeves' requirements by working on his farm and performing working Kelpie demonstrations held around the UK. Charge is also a sire dog at the Lyndhurst Kelpie Stud.

Promoting the Working Kelpie

We promote the working Kelpie by way of working dog demonstrations. Anthony had his Kelpie team at the 2011 Sydney Royal Easter Show. This was a big hit with show-goers with up to 600 people attending each demonstration. The feedback was positive. Anthony also demonstrates his Kelpies at local shows and field days.

Our understanding and vast experience with working Kelpies is proven by their achievements in Yard dog and three sheep trialling. People have also benefited from our experience in winning and placing in many trials. We offer private tutoring, helping you to understand and work your dog to its full potential. Full training facilities (fully insured) are available on our property.

Young Cherry Fesival 2013

Easter Show 2012

Easter Show 2011

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Situated near the Olympic Highway in the South West Slopes of NSW. Rich in history and character, the area was catapulted to the forefront of Colonial New South Wales with the discovery of gold in 1860. This precious metal proved to be an important catalyst in the development of Young and the surrounding area.


Young is centrally located in the 'Hilltops' Wine and Food region, increasingly recognised for producing quality cool climate wines and foods, whilst offering an authentic country experience. Cellar doors are open, offering the opportunity to taste and purchase fine wines and quality produce.